Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Honeymoon is ON!

Honeymoon is on. I love traveling. What would I do if I wasn't working? Traveling. We now I get to travel for 3 wks. Oh yes. My fiancee isn't even scheduled to work in September. How much awesomeness is that? I got enough days to take the whole month off also. So where do you go with all that time? Has to be a cluster of places. Some place where you can jump from place to place. Europe? Done. Australia? too cold. Southeast Asia. Now you are talking. So that will be the destination. Southeast Asia here we come.

First stop: Phuket!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wedding Website Gone Wild?

No it ain't Spring Break, but my website sure thinks it is. I am sure everyone has gone to a wedding and if you have gone to a wedding in the past like 5 years, I am sure that you've seen the appearance of wedding websites almost being the norm. There are so many people offering free and easy to use websites. Why wouldn't I want something that is easy and fast to setup? I got so many more things to do, I don't want to spend time on the website. But this is where the problem lies. All the websites are the same. SAME SAME SAME SAME. All cookie cutter. I don't want to be cookie cutter. I want to be different. I want people to come to my website and go, "That is one stinkin freakin good website."

No I can't hate on people who use those sites. Putting together a site is no easy feat. It takes a lot of time and a lot of coding. Not everyone knows HTML. Not everyone knows Javascript. Not everyone knows JQuery. Shoot people don't even know those exist. But for me, it is like working on a piece of art. This is something that I can sink my teeth into. I can code up this site and create graphics that make it my own.

We are going to add stuff that people would not expect. This isn't going to be ordinary. We are going for extraordinary. At least if people go, "oh that wedding invite was ok, that save the date was ok, that cake was ok, but that site was freakin Bomb-bastic!" LoL. Or at least go, "That guy has way too much time on his hand."

To give you an idea, here is something different: The site starts with Boom Boom Pow playing in the background with 8 animated speakers.

Since this post is now my 101st post (I deleted on old post), I vow to post a picture with every post from now on.

Check it, wedding wallpaper:
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