Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A wedding proposal for photography geeks

Proposals generally consists of boy takes girl to nice place, boy says nice words, girl already knows what is going to happen, boy pops question, girl hopefully says yes. Whether this nice place is in Paris or at a favorite restaurant, it is mostly the same variation of the same basic principles. Yeah, all that stuff takes planning. You got to buy flowers (which I didn't), got to book flights (i did), pick out the spot (i did), order chocolates (hotel did), etc...

But what do you are a broke-ass sucka who poured all your dreams into that rock that is now going to be given to your dream girl (that is why they are called 'dream girls') and all you are left with is a bunch of time and a creative mind? You do something that is crazy kool and make people go "Whoa! Now that is a bad ass proposal!".

Well Derick did just that when he proposed to Emily. I don't know if Emily is wearing all of his dreams, but man this guy can dream big. Check out this proposal: Derick and Emily Proposal