Monday, March 30, 2009

Does Frugality trump Expression

Does saving money trump expression? In the case of everything not called "Wedding", probably. As you all know, the US Postal Service is raising their price stamps for the 10th time in a year (cause not like we are in a recession or nothing). Now they are selling those simple, yet not very pretty forever stamps that last forever! The price stays forever. The stamp stays ugly forever also. Now if you haven't sent out those invites yet, these forever cents would save you a couple of bux. LOL, couple of bux. That is the epitomy of a cheap ass.

So the question is, are cute little expressive stamps worth the extra 2 bux you could be saving by buying forever stamps?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How many is too many?

I am looking at this stanger's wedding and I've got a question: "How many bridesmaids/groomsmen is too many?" This couple has got 13 couples on each side. Lucky 13? Really? Maybe they watched 21 Dresses with lead star of Chucky the Bride and thought "Hey, let's switch it up and go all Friday the 13th and jinx our marriage from the very beginning." I can just see myself if I was in that situation, "Great, should I get a lawyer to draw up the docs right now? Maybe we should make this a destination wedding so I don't have to give up half." But seriously, what do you do with 26 people? I don't even have 26 friends. Ok I lie, but still. They should put everyone at the head table. It would be like Knights of the Round times TWO!

I should go, "Honey, I think we should add 10 more groomsmen." Her immediate response would be, "Hell no! Love you though."

Monday, March 16, 2009

This Countdown Even Work?

I am looking at this countdown and it is such a big number, but when you break it down into months, it is not so big. So we are under the 6 month mark and still got stuff to do. What do we got to do? Lots of stuff. It is easier to recite the things that we have done (much shorter list) rather than the things we have to do. But like I said, it only takes like a week to pull this off, so 5.5 months or 179 days or something seems like an eternity. It is like how the final 2 minutes of a basketball game takes 20 minutes. AN ETERNITY!

Yeah, I don't know what to blog about since I haven't been doing anything since I got back from skiing. The only thing I did manage to do is to change the splash screen for our website and put a new song. I love being unproductive. Hmm..maybe working on the website would be a good idea...I wonder what's on TV.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What is your last name again?

We've hit a dilemma. The soon to be wifey is changing job in which she wears a lab coat. The new employer was gracious enough to embroider the lab coat with her name. What name should she put? Current or future? I say just embrace the future. It is inevitable, take my name forever!!!


Registry Tip

Here is a little tip from my friend about Macy's registry.

Macy's has a lot of stuff. If you don't want something that you have been given, they give you store credit. A secret to getting cash back is to open a Macy's card. When you have a Macy's card, you can ask them to put it back on the card. Now I think there is some tag on the transaction that tells that it is a store credit, but wait a few months and then ask for the negative balance back because credit card companies do not like cards with negative balance. If they refuse to give it back to you, then cancel the card and they have to give it back to you.

This should work for other stores with credit cards also. Enjoy!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Skepticle of the Live Band

I always thought it was interesting to have a live band. To truly do it right I think you have to have a combination of Live Band and DJ. The band always has to take a break and generally just puts on a CD of music. This turns into down time. All of the sudden the music is gone and people are just like, what do we do? You hope that they fill the air with events and speeches to pass the time, but sometimes you can't fill the whole space. I must say that this band that I saw this weekend at my friend's wedding was nice. They were really good. So good that I would even forgo a DJ. I always thought that if someone got a live band that it would be boring and people wouldn't dance, etc... I was wrong. That is what happens when you get a SHITTY band. The band we saw was Entourage, part of duBois Productions. These guys were worth the money. The guy had a really nice voice and even when his mic blew during the first dance, he jumped off the stage and sang a cappella to the couple. It was a nice and quick touch. He also has 2 other female singers with him who can both blow. If you got the 5 figs to get these guys, I definitely recommend them because they totally changed my mind on live bands @ weddings for all time.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


So I have been defeated. Well, the budget that we agreed on has been blown away. I mean it was already blown away in our projection of costs, but I can officially declare it dead. How did it die? Hmm...maybe cuz I am just a guest and have no say (well that is what the vendors tell me). Ok, I have a big say, but now I got a Suga Mama, so no worries. Plus she is uprooting herself to move to my neck of the woods way earlier than anticipated, so we figured we ought to get something we are happy with rather than compromising all the time. But yeah. Also one of the reasons is that we still can't find a photog that we both like. We had 1. He was cheap, but also cannot book for another 2 MONTHS. Shoot at this rate, we might not even book someone by then. So I have ventured out. Reaching out to photogs in San Luis Obispo, San Diego, and Arizona. But we are raising the budget on the photog. Simply there is no one we like in the middle ground area. Oh well. Defeated. Maybe I should change the heading.