Monday, March 9, 2009

Skepticle of the Live Band

I always thought it was interesting to have a live band. To truly do it right I think you have to have a combination of Live Band and DJ. The band always has to take a break and generally just puts on a CD of music. This turns into down time. All of the sudden the music is gone and people are just like, what do we do? You hope that they fill the air with events and speeches to pass the time, but sometimes you can't fill the whole space. I must say that this band that I saw this weekend at my friend's wedding was nice. They were really good. So good that I would even forgo a DJ. I always thought that if someone got a live band that it would be boring and people wouldn't dance, etc... I was wrong. That is what happens when you get a SHITTY band. The band we saw was Entourage, part of duBois Productions. These guys were worth the money. The guy had a really nice voice and even when his mic blew during the first dance, he jumped off the stage and sang a cappella to the couple. It was a nice and quick touch. He also has 2 other female singers with him who can both blow. If you got the 5 figs to get these guys, I definitely recommend them because they totally changed my mind on live bands @ weddings for all time.

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