Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Venue List

So I have been creating this venue list with all the prices that I am getting from contacting these people and put every venue that we could afford in bold.

Well that shit ain't working. My fiance essentially didn't like any of the places that I picked, go figure. For me it isn't about what it looks like but rather how much it will hurt my pockets. For her it is what it looks like and if it cost a bit more, then that's the way it goes. Don't get me wrong, there are some bomb ass places that I would definitely like to have our wedding at, but I ain't made of money (more like I don't want to spend it on a depreciating asset aka wedding event).

So I decided to switch it up. I did all this work and you don't like it then this is what we do:
Go decide which ones YOU like and willing to have it at (lord knows I just show up anywayz) and then from there we will contact and weed out the ones that are out of our budget.

This should be fun.

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