Monday, November 23, 2009

Is this a wedding or are we going clubbing?

What is deemed proper wedding attire for women attending weddings? Maybe a dress? Maybe heels or flats? Maybe a bra? Maybe underwear?

Yeah the last two seem like no brainers right? Not to some ladies. My friends told me of a wedding that they went to and this chick was wearing a short dress. How short you ask? So short that when she sat down, she flashed the goods. Yes the goods. Lefty and Righty. Drop it like its hot. The salt shaker. The humpty hump. Sick. Put those undies on. Shoot they give them away for free at VS. Cover it up and maybe wear something that is knee length. You are not heading to some new hot joint in the city looking for your next man. You are going to a wedding looking for your man. Look decent. Please. For all of us.


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Halsey said...

haha Agreed!!