Thursday, December 10, 2009


In the post "*Deal Alert* 44 cent personalized stamps for less" I wrote about how you could get a deal on 44 cent stamps. Well the stamps are basically forever stamps. I am just getting around to ordering some and did the math and the price for 1 sheet of 20 stamps came out to be around 45 cents per stamp after shipping. In my mind that isn't a deal. I change the quantity and figured out that the coupon is actually worth a little bit more than $21. Well that is kind of interesting. Then I got to thinking. What if I can stack coupons. I got to order multiple of these things anyways. So I increased the quantity to 2 and used 2 coupons. The shipping stayed at 2.99 (how kind of them since they are only shipping paper) and both coupons negated any additional charges so the price per stamp came out to be 40.85 cents. That sounds like a deal to me since a normal stamp is 44 cents. Well you know you got to take it one step more. So I increased the stamp quantity to 3 sheets of 20 stamps and brought the total down to 38.9 cents per stamp.

Basically if you order multiple sheets of the same stamp they bring down the price per sheet.

What is the ultimate lowest you can get. Well you don't want to end up with a bunch of stamps that you can't use cuz the prices went up, so the ultimate you can get is.....(drumroll pleasssseeee....blat pat blat pat)

24.4 cents per stamp!!!!

What a steal! Order 10 sheets and use 7 coupons. Wah bam! Those are 1988 prices.

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