Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Family Friends in Guestlist

What do you do with your family friends? They are technically your parent's friends anywayz. Do you allow them to invite them? Here is my logic. You invite your friends, then you pay for them. Makes sense. If you want to have your friends, then you can at least chip in and help pay for them.

Now if your parents are giving you money for the wedding and you are doing some 50/50 or 33/33/33 split your parents should be allowed to invite Ghandi for all you care. Weddings are not cheap and they do not save up to spend 10-20K on a wedding. They donate, they can invite. I have people who restrict their parents on who they can invite to the wedding. YOUR PARENTS ARE FRONTING THE BILL! Where else are you going to get a massive amount of no-strings-attached Gs from anywhere. The least you can do is show some respect and gratitude by letting them enjoy the wedding with their friends. Shit all the friends that they are inviting are all richer than your friends which = BIGGER & BETTER GIFTS. Do the math. You probably end up making out better anywayz.

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