Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guest List

So what do you do when you are trying to plan a wedding. I have no frickin' clue really. What I do know is that I want people at my wedding for a reasonable price a place is nice. It is like buying people. I want this guy for $100. I want him for $75. I want him for $50. SOLD!

So I guess the first thing is to compile a list of guests. First off, my family is big. Now it ain't as big as some other families, but generally Cantonese families are big. My family was small and then they immigrated to America where you can have as many babies as you want. So the family decided to have kids, remarry and have more kids. Those kids all had kids who had more kids and more kids and it was just an endless parade of people. Am I suppose to know all these people? No. I hope not, because I surely don't. We get invited to weddings for people where is my dad's half-sister's son's daughter's wedding. Say what? How far from the tree is that removed. Must be at least 3.

So I started putting the list together and realize, damn, I could invite 200 people just by myself. The sad part is, I put people on the list and I don't know their last names or all their names so they get the label "1". I mean in our family, we grow up without the formalities of Uncle and Auntie because essentially every person we meet becomes our "Uncle" or "Auntie". Chinese people love to grow their family even though they aren't family. I guess it is a gesture of respect, but who knows why they want to be in our family, but as long as they keep giving me red envelopes I will call them "Uncle", "Sir", "Mao", "Holy Master", or whatever.

Man this list is growing fast. I am sure I forgot people. I hope my finacee's list is short.

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