Friday, December 12, 2008

Who needs a DJ when you got an iPod

So begins the search for the next vendor who would like to suck the money out of my wallet. This next vendor is the DJ. The guy who spins music or rather hits some buttons to play music from his computer. Can't I do that? Can't I just jack some mixes from the radio and mix them together to make one long ass track? I think I can. I think I can set it up so it looks like there is a DJ. Move the MC duties to someone else, like a cousin or friend or something. But then people wouldn't be able to get their requests in like "I Like Big Butts" or "Ice, Ice Baby" or "Rumpshaker" or the classic "Hoochie Mama".

I think the DJ is going to be more than I hoped for since we are pigeon holed into using a list. Well that is what happens when you got a cheap place, got to play by their rules.


AmyJean said...

I found a really cheap dj... it helps that he's my brother's friend... lol, but i probably will end up giving him a lot of my own music. Have you checked out - you can put a project on there and have local vendors bid on yours. it's a nice feature, b/c not as established (cheaper) vendors come knocking, which is great b/c they can be just as good and sometimes more eager to work harder! :) Good luck!

Gisela said...

It seems like you and I are on the same track as far as booking our vendors. I think your wedding is the weekend after mine. I dont know if you've gotten all your rentals yet but I know a guy who had his wedding at the Clarke Estate not too long ago and he bought all of his stuff and now he rents it out. Check out his website:

Mike & Elaina said...

Hey man, we already booked our DJ for the Clark and we're going with Ross Creations. He was totally priced right and would give us everything we were looking for. We went to a friends wedding where they asked a cousin to be the MC and it was a disaster. They were totally out going but became annoying after a while and since only 1/2 of the family knew him the other half was like, "who the hell is THIS guy?!" We checked out all of the DJ's on the provided list and they range from $750 up to $3,500.

Good luck and if you and the ol' lady sit with Ross, tell him Mike and Elaina said hi!

Randy El. said...

DJ iPod also has games