Thursday, April 2, 2009

Price of Veils is just unreasonable until...

we found Crowning Glory Designs by Candi Merle. Now there isn't a website or any advertisement, just a store front in the OC. She has a popular Project Wedding page with 38 glowing reviews. She isn't really popular. She is more like a diamond in the rough. For the budget bride, she is the your designer in the bargain bin.

Personally I don't see how someone could spend hundreds of dollars and sometimes even trumping the cost of a bridesmaid dress, on a veil. It just baffles the mind. It is just a piece of cloth cut and put around a headband. $200, $300, $400? For something that you will wear for pictures and ceremony and then Buh-BYE.

This is where Candi comes in. She has affordable veils. How affordable? $5, or even $10? Ok, she ain't Goodwill, but she does come in low. Lower than $50. Sounds way better than a couple hundred. Here is the process: Go to her, try on veils, order veil, receive semi custom veil in 2-3wks. And there is a bonus! The bonus being is that if you change your mind later, she is willing to work with you. She doesn't just slam the door in your face, but she works with you. Now if that ain't a good vendor, then I don't know what is.

Crowning Glory Designs by Candi Merle
3350 Greenleaf Drive
Brea, CA 92822
(714) 986-9944

p.s. She ships too.


AmyJean said...

That is uber reasonable! thanks for the heads up!

Elena said...

Based on your recommendation I went to meet her. she is phenomenal. Kind, quick and cheap! I can't wait to get my veil!