Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wedding Wallpaper

First off, I hit 100 posts and then just vanished. I know I have been MIA b/c I have working like a freakin mad person on this new project and got people all up in my stuff.

So we are like 4.5 months away. Damn we got a lot of things to do. But one of the things while I was redoing our website was wedding wallpaper. You think anyone would actually want a wallpaper of me and fiance reminding them of the date? I think not. But shoot I am going to make them anywayz. I made one in fact and it is not my desktop wallpaper. I personally think it is bad ass and everyone should do this. Shoot I did it with our faux engagement shots that I had my future mother in law take of us. Yeah, so make wedding wallpaper, itz da shiz. Maybe if I want to reveal myself, I will post it. Otherwise for those who know our website, you can see it on there as the landing page.

PS, anyone ever use overnight prints? I heard up and downs about them and mainly that they take butt long to get the order out, but shoot they are cheapo man.


Randy El. said...

Why stop at desktop wallpaper? Print it on a t-shirt or something.

EBM said...

i should put it on cafepress and try to pay for my wedding..lol