Wednesday, August 19, 2009

RSVPs where are you

Getting RSVPs is like "Where's waldo." I mean we sent out about 135 invites and only missing about 20 or so, but still. Granted we sent some invites to people who don't use the internet or would even know how to spell it and they probably couldn't even read our invitation, but those people aside, where are the rest of them.

We are getting a good amount of NOs, which is what we were planning for as to hit out 160 mark. We invited 269 people and almost at our magic number which I must say is quite exciting. Seriously, if 260 people showed up, I probably would have shat a brick of money since that would just boost our total spent to some ridiculous number that I don't even want to think about. Man, I am sweating just thinking about it.

So 3 wks and some days left and we are running out of weekends to do stuff. I am running out of work days to do stuff. Stuff needs to get done but it is not. I stressing? Maybe just a little bit. Whoever thought stuff take so long to get done. Of course it is your wedding, so you got to spend a little extra time critiquing and changing things that you do, but I feel at some point you just have to go 95% of the way, because the last 5% always take 5 times as long as the first 95%. Plus it is always the little things that kill you. The decorations, the parent gifts, the registry, etc.. etc.. etc.. Can't you tell I am pulling out my hair. Gawd, I just want it to be over with so I can have a normal life again. Married. Done.


Dickie said...

My gift to you is not coming to the wedding. I expect a thank you in the mail.

sofstapia said...

you're not coming?? for sure? :(

Halsey said...

Good luck!