Friday, November 14, 2008

Should pursue a vendor if they don't pursue you?

So I have emailed two photogs that I want to meet with. I emailed them a while back to get pricing information and started a back and forth with them a couple of times. Well then the line went dead. I was still collecting information and evaluating who we wanted to meet with. So now that we are all ready to meet with them, I sent them emails (b/c who doesn't check their emails) and now I never hear back. WTF? Do you not want money? So now should I email them again? Wait some more? Or just do it the old fashion way and call and ask where da F have you been?

This is how I view this. Sept is a slightly off season month. These photographers I am pursuing may not be full timers but looks like they want to be. So I would think most of them work little jobs not making any good coin so they pad the income by shooting weddings. Well why don't they take business 101 and if inquired, they shall respond. Hmm...what to do what to do...I will probably call them this weekend if I don't hear from them on Sunday because I want to meet with them and if we don't like them, then that just means a higher priced photog at my wedding and not necessarily better.



AmyJean said...

Unfortunately, I feel that communication is key, especially in the beginning. It's not to say they wont be excellent photogs, but i want to feel like they want to be a part of my day... that being said my WC and the photog i've chosen, both had excellent communication and over the phone we got along really well. and their fun personalities is what helped to make my decisions!

Michael said...

I feel the same way you do. If they don't get back to me then they're the ones that are gonna miss out on the business. I mean, times are tough and not very many people are spending the $$$ for a good photog so if they aren't ones you and the finace are in love with, MOVE ON! There are TONS of good photogs out there!