Sunday, November 23, 2008

Who doesn't love cake?

Some of the best things that you will do while planning for a wedding is eat. Yes, you will eat when you try out different caterers and also eat when you try out different cakes. What is the best part of this? It is FREE! Yes my favorite F word. FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE. So we went to go try out King's Hawaiian in LA. Since there is a Hawaiian bakery in NorCal and I am a frequent visitor of Hawaii, I think I have a good sense of what a Guava chiffon cake should taste like and for the most part, King's Hawaiian fails miserably. However I cannot blame this on their recipe. I blame this on their attempt to satisify the potential customer with a smaller nub piece that looks like it was baked for the same duration as a full cake except in a smaller pan. The cake was very dense and dry on the sides. They covered it with non-dairy based white cream to cover it up and it didn't help. We also had 3 other flavors: Paradise, Lilikoi (Passion Fruit), and Chocolate. What was weird was that Paradise and Guava were the nubby pieces that were dense and not very good. The other two were slices from a full size cake and tasted moist and favorful. We brought our friends who get cakes from King's Hawaiian all the time and they said that the little nubs is not representive of the cakes that you buy. Well I hope not, b/c it was the worst one I have had ever.

What is the best part of King's Hawaiian? It is cheap. Ok it ain't like Ranch 99 cheap but it is very reasonable. They also have this book of decorations that they do for free. They do charge for flowers, but recommend that we get our flowers from the florist. The only thing is that they use non-diary cream so you can leave the cake out for 8 hrs so you don't get fondant. Sometimes fondant just looks nice because it is so smooth, but hey, at least the cake is going to taste better than your avg wedding cake and for us that is more important. So for right now this is in the lead.

Now it is just time to go eat more cake for free.

PS. Don't get the coffee because it is bad. It is burnt, old, and just nasty.

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AmyJean said...

King's Hawaiian is the bomb cake :) I love it! Thanks for the great heads up!