Saturday, November 15, 2008

So many weddings, all blend together

My fiancee asked me a pretty simple question the other day, "Who do you think looked the prettiest in their dress this year?" "Ummm....everyone?"

Seriously though, I could not remember what people looked like. All these wedding just sort of blended together after a while. I mean they are all special and if I actually think about it, I will remember each one, but thinking as a whole, I have no clue. I couldn't tell you how they wore their hair, what their dress was like. All I remember is that they wore white and looked pretty.

So I don't remember what they wore or even looked like, what do I remember? I remember two things: the food and the dancing/DJ. Shoot I can't even remember what events (ie slideshow, speeches, etc..) happened. But I can remember when the food sucked or the food was good or whether or not the DJ actually knew what a good song was.

I have pretty high hopes for our food, as for our DJ, I don't know b/c we haven't booked one yet (have to choose from a venue provided list), but I do know I am going to give him songs that I do not want to hear like "Celebration".

P.S. As I write this blog, I realize I can't write worth da sh!!. If this was class, I would totally fail my grammar portion.


AmyJean said...

I think that only the brides remember all the little details of their own wedding, but you are right... the food and music is what i remember most too. Was it good or bad? Was the music good or bad? I think those two things are the biggest details people remember at the end of the day (or year)

Michael said...

I don't think people really remember the food unless it sucks. If it's average or decent then no one remembers it. I think the most important things are if there is open bar or not. That can make the shittiest of weddings pretty tolerable. We're at the Clarke on 10/24/09 and we already booked the DJ. I think for the price versus what you get Ross is the DJ to go with. Tamra (sp?) the coordinator at the Clarke is getting married next year too and even she is going with him. Referrals are worth their weight in gold if you ask me. Good luck!

EBM said...

Michael thanks for the heads up. We are just starting to look at DJs and haven't really called any yet. We need to keep in touch since we are doing it at the same place. But thanks for the head up!