Friday, September 4, 2009

Talk about Quick Cash

I know how to make quick cash. I wheel and deal and make extra money here and there, but this officiant business is some serious quick cash. Now granted you only can do like at most 3 weddings in a day and most of the weddings happen only one day of the week, but you could make some serious money on that one day.

We went down to the wire on the wedding officiant (as in booked him two days ago) because I couldn't stomach the amount of money it would cost. $400 for the day of, $50 for commute, $150 for rehearsal. Are you serious? $150 for rehearsal seems like a steal compared to the $400 for the day of since they have to stay for like 1.5 hrs versus a ceremony which is on avg 15 minutes. I mean if you do the math, the officiant is making $1600/hr. Insane in the membrane, insane in the BRAIN.

I need to get into this business. All I got to do is put on a bed sheet, wrap my neck with sports tape or color it with whiteout and grab myself a leather bound book to hold and know how to read. I bet I could even get by without reading as long as I have a good memory.

In all fairness, they still have to do a good job and hopefully they do if you are paying them that much. Now I let that guy who quoted me $400 to do the wedding go. I decided to take a friends recommendation and go with Reverend Bob. Dude is cheaper than most guys at $225. You generally don't need them at rehearsal because all they do is walk out with the guys, read from a paper, and then sign a document. Not rocket science and not a lot coordinating needed for him. Plus for $150, I could myself a pretty nice streak at Lawry's.

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Halsey said...

Wow! I never would have guessed they made so much!