Sunday, September 13, 2009

We are married!

Yes, we are married. What to blog about now. Well, how about the wedding. Things went wrong, things went right, but things went smooth. That is the way it should be. I will be blogging about this later as I am probably on my honeymoon and just post randomly.

For those who are using Michael C. Events for your wedding, email me at baleong at gmail and I will have to tell you what to watch out for when you use him. Just some bewares which we found out first hand.

Woot woot, married and now it is honeymoon time!


miss.t said...

Congrats!! I just emailed you. :)

Halsey said...

Congrats! Hope you have a great honeymoon :)

Mike and Elaina said...

Same here, congrats man! I can't wait to hear all about it. The day is fast approaching for me and the ol' lady. 10/24/09 at the Clarke Estate baby! It's GO time!!!

Westside Wedding said...