Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brutal Truth

So I was searching the web trying to find budget wedding places and happened to come upon this blog, a $10,000 wedding, where she actually wrote to those people are renting those crazy as places I posted about (I did too, that is how I got those prices) and here is what they said:
"Guest Count: 125ish
Budget: weekend rental up to $2k

Details: I'm looking to rent a home for the weekend and also to hold a wedding reception in the backyard for 100 to 125 people. So far, I like Venice Beach CA Penthouse #0093 and Studio City CA House #0084.

I'm open to your suggestions as well. Thank you.

and promptly got schooled:

We have nothing at your budget for 125 guest for a weekend and I really do not know who would. good luck on your search. Maybe try a hotel or a park." - link
Bebworld be some bitches. Well at least they didn't waste any of her time or theirs apparently, but what do you expect from a company that advertises in Dubai.

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