Monday, August 25, 2008

Higher Higher and Higher

You know when you think your smart but not really smart and then your just dumb?

So I had one of those moments. My fiance checked out 1 venue and liked it. It had good and bad qualities but the good outweighed the bad compared to the previous sites she'd had seen. I also liked the place because it fit nicely in our budget because the site rental fee is low and they provided some stuff.

Then I sent her to look at a few more places. 1 was cheaper, 1 was about the same but still at our price point and then the last two were out of our budget but wanted her to check it out because they looked nice and I liked both of them. Man. Hit me with a bat right now and call me a baseball.

You send someone to a nice place not thinking that they may not like the nice place and then come back saying "This is it!". You're number crunching in your head saying, "How is this going to work? How is think going to work? A+B+C * X = AHHHHH".

See I thought I was smart and all I got was a big fat welt.

P.S. I thought I would post our finalist for venues but my fiance reminded me that they are a bunch of hungry hippos out there who will probably pounce on them and stealing them away from us. So to all you hungry hippos out there, get the hell out of Dodge!

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