Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome to Fantasy Land

So we want are leaning towards a private estate. So where do you find private estates for rent that aren't necessarily wedding places? Craigslist. Craigslist Dubai to be exact. Maybe I should have gotten the hint when they are trying to rent out places in Cali to people in Dubai that there is no way in hell I would be able to afford on of these bad boys. Let's have some fun:

1) Pacific Palisades Mansion #16
This #0016 Private and Gated Pacific Palisades CA. 7,000+ sq. ft. Mansion with a round driveway, With one of the best Beach and Ocean and Island views in LA. This Palisades Mansion has Six Bedrooms, Five Bathrooms, Closet Space, Stairs, Living room, Lounge areas, Hallways, Kitchen, Dining room, Office, Garage, Jacuzzis, Enjoy the downstairs lounge area and Movie, Music, Game room with pool table, The lower Lounge has four TV's and one large TV screen with a full Bar. The outside has a large grass with high trees around the groups for privacy all around plus the great ocean views and garden, And the marble decks and patios with lounge furniture again with the great ocean views.
Sounds pretty damn nice to me. Check out these pictures:

Where da hell do I sign up? You know how bad ass that would be if you got married on that deck or even had the reception out there as the sun went down. Forget the caterers, call up a couple taco trucks to the spot and let's get this party started.

And now the sad part:
Price: $21,500/day


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