Friday, February 6, 2009

Be The Cheapass

If you are a serious cheap ass, how cheap can you have a wedding for 50 people not including license fees. How low can you go? Well you could do the Waffle House wedding or even have chili's cater it. Lets do the math:
1 Dress - $50 target, $20 at goodwill
1 Veil - $6.50 target
1 Shoes - fck shoes, wear sandals
Rehearsal - we do this on the fly
Officiant - that's mah Pa, ya'll hear
Meal for 50 - 50 Costco hot dogs coming right up, oh yeah free drink = $75
Drinks - h2o, that is why god put it on earth = free!!
Flowers - Free, pick them from the neighbor's garden
Bridesmaids - 0, who needs them, they'll just eat my waffles
Groomsmen - 0, they are still at the strip joint
Wedding Car - shopping cart from Safeway...honk honk
Cake - saltine cracker tower with free jelly as the filling, used to be my late night snack.
Rings - lifesavers or twisties from the super!
Venue - public park with fountains, just get someone to get out there early, they will think it is a bbq.
Honeymoon - 1 night outside of mama's house, maybe the toolshed, how romantical

The perfect wedding for 50 people for possibly under $100 bux. Beat that!

1 comment:

foxxxyboxxxy said...

oh my fucking god.

first waffle house is fucking nasty *vomit* i ate at a waffle house for the first time when we were driving down to north carolina (i think we were either in maryland or virginia).

who let these people pro-create >=O!

love the shot of the "father forgive them..." t shirt hahaha.

so sad....

although not for nothing, my fiance and i met at work (going on 3 years at the cheesecake factory) and used to joke about getting married at work... but lets face it... waffle house aint no cheesecake factory... thats for sure!