Monday, February 2, 2009

Where is my damn photographer?!?!

Oh yeah, in the out of budget area.

I think I screwed myself. Seriously screwed myself. Prior to actually getting engaged, I followed wedding photographers. You may be wondering why. Because they provide inspiration. See I like to shoot. No, not shoot like shooting Bambi, but shooting like capturing the moment. I have been going to all these weddings so it is good to get at least some good shots for my own entertainment and these photogs allow me to train my "eye". So before getting engaged, I followed a handful of wedding photographers, all of whom are out of my budget. Now after researching and getting engaged, I follow over 20+ photographers with only 3 in my budget. How has that trained my eye? It trained my eye to know who is not very good or not very experienced to who is what I want. How has this screwed me? Because everyone I like it massively expensive. Dammit. What have I done. I have created a monster called the "Wedding Photog Blog Stalker from Mars".

How do you push aside you expectations and try to find the good in these low priced photogs? You don't. To me there is no excuse for bad composition. That is the main thing. Bad composition = bad photographer. Give me a photographer who takes great composed pictures, but post processes them terribly and I will make their pictures look like a superstar. Shoot I will make myself look like a superstar. Make my fiance look like a superstar. SUPERSTAR! SPIRIT FINGERS!

Why am I still looking at photogs? Because I don't have one. Well, had one in mind, but can't book till end of April and that is cutting it too close so have to move on. Hopefully this revisit will yield someone, although that someone is going to be higher than our first choice. Yeah it blows like Free Willy's hole.


Mike and Elaina said...

I know what you mean. Elaina and I didn't know who we wanted but we did know what we DIDN'T want and it seemed that the people we DIDN'T want were the only ones in our price range. We decided to try and shave some $$$ off of other vendors and go with a photog we really liked. After all, once the music's stopped and the bar stops serving, all you have are your memories and your pictures. Kinda sappy, I know but it's the truth.

We found ours already. I'm still having sticker shock but I know it'll be worth it!

Bethany said...

hi! just started researching and reading this blog but i totally agree about this post. i love photographers (image is found? jessica claire? jose villa? max wanger? jasmine star? holler!) but terrified of actually having to book. did you end up finding one??