Monday, February 23, 2009

I love the free stuff

So I went to my first registry event over the weekend. I didn't even know they had registry events, but it totally makes sense. All these companies want a piece of the wedding cake, so why not open a couple hours early and host an event for all the couples. The one I attended was at Crate and Barrel. Now, Crate is just overpriced in general. Most of the stuff is all one brand and there isn't really any diversity. They sell Wustof, but not Henckel. They sell All-Clad and Calphalon, and not, well I guess you shouldn't be using anything else. They sell OXO, but not Glad. I am just looking at all this crap and going, "Man, I could go to Chinatown or Daiso and buy all this stuff for like a dollar." I was actually looking at an All-Clad 12" stainless steel fry pan and it was at full retail price of 160, when I just bought it for 70 bux a couple weeks ago. So here I am with 70+ other couples wading through all that Crate has to offer, looking might go lucky (don't know how to they do it since it is freakin like 9 in da morn), and all I can see is free stuff. Free waffles so that they can pimp the waffle maker. Free panini sandwiches so they can pimp the panini press. Free coffee so people can be wired and scan like maniacs. Free mimosa's and champagne so your vision will be blurry and won't be able to make out the prices. Free cookies because everyone just loves a cookie. Another nice thing was the free bowl. Ok not really. It is this heart shape thing that should only show its face during V day. A couple years ago it is was two champagne flutes, which are way more useful. But another little surprise was the free kitchen shears we got for talking with the Wustof rep. Ding ding ding, winner winner chicken dinner. Take that off the registry.

I think I will go on being a newly engaged for the next 20 yrs and just show up to these things and mooch off some free stuff. Boo yah!


foxxxyboxxxy said...

free shit is always the best, however i'm never in the mood to have to deal with talking to sales people. just let me be, and if i need your help, i'll talk to you myself... dont try and convince me that i need something that i really dont need... im not a sucker. at bridal expos, people just jump at the bride of the stupid bride sticker (turned mine into to bride-ZILLA and then no one would talk to me haha)... and im always like "please i just woke..." and im really bad at pretending to care about what they're telling me.

Pamela said...

registry events?! That sounds great, how do you find them?