Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We're in a Recession, Good Time to get Married

Is this a good year to get married? Yes and No. For those who are already secured their date for this year, it don't matter. But for those who are anxious or just want some good reading, listen up. We are in a recession. Yes, R-E-C-E-S-S-I-O-N. Not even Obamarama can save us. From looking at his stimulus plan, it ain't going to do anyone any good. Why you may ask? Because credit has dried up. A lot of these companies run on credit. Here is an example. AMD. Advance Micro Devices. The competitor to Intel. They lose about 1 billion a quarter. They just had influx of 300 million of investments. Lose 1 billion. Add 300 million. Equal -700 million. Yes still surviving. And they plan to lose money till end of 3rd quarter. They only have like 1 billion in the bank maybe. How does that work. Credit. Credit is king for companies that live in the future instead of the now. So with us in a recession and possibly heading into a depression by the end of the year, why should or shouldn't you get married.

I do: Even if you get ripped off, at least it is going back into the economy. All those destination weddings outside the states..DIE!

I don't: Save your money in case the sh!t falls through the roof and your house is foreclosed and you lose your job. So dreary.

I do: Brings happiness to an otherwise bleak year.

I don't: For all those who are using this as a profit machine, your guests are probably going to no show, no gift, or just give you coals with love.

I do: You can negotiate the hell out of the vendors because they need money too!

I don't: You are probably still going to get ripped off.

I do: Honeymoons are going to be steals from flights to lodging to food.

I don't: Unless you go to Japan, in which case you are going to get raped even more than before.

I do: For all you big Vs out there, this is the year

I don't: Vendors still increased their prices from 2008, you got to be kidding me.

I do: You can get a good deal on a house after your married

I don't: I lost my money in the stock market, I need my wedding money to buy that house.

I do: There are tons of information on weddings to make your day the best it can be.

I don't: You realize that all stress to the nth degree is just not worth it.

I do: You make a blog like this one.

I don't: You make a blog like this one.

I do: You realize you're not the only one like this.

I don't: Damn, you really aren't the only like this.

I do: You love your partner. That is the only reason you need.


AmyJean said...

all valid points... so what's a girl in love to do? ;)

sofstapia said...

aww, kisses!

Mike and Elaina said...

I always crack the joke to friends and family, "Who's idea was it to get married in this recession anyway"? Then Elaina says, "You're the one that proposed to me dumbass"!
We hoped that the vendors would be falling all over themselves for a classy couple like us but that's not the case. There are some good deals out there but they're few and far between.
I think the only highlight of 2009 will be that we got married. Will we have jobs until then? We'll see.

Obamarama? NICE!!!

Six Sigma1 said...

you are probably still going to get ripped off. how true.

dyana says your last line is sweet.