Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wedding 2.0 - It's all about the WWW

Today's generation are all web savvy people. I mean we grew up with this stuff. I am probably dating myself and probably outing my nerdness, but I will do it anywayz. Back in da day; it was a Tuesday by the way, like that fact? chew on it. Back in da day when you used dial up on my Intel 386 66Mhz computer with a 1440bps modem and it was Prodigy vs AOL. Back in the day when Google didn't exist and you could buy There was no internet basically. There was text based chat rooms that could hold 8 people at a time for the whole community. When bulletin boards where the big things and "You've Got Mail" are some magical words. When online kids were so stupid that they gave out their passwords in AOL chatrooms (Maybe that's why I never paid for AOL).

Wedding 1.0
Advertisement: Magazines, trade shows, word of mouth, newsletters, physical mail, yellow pages, penny saver
Reach: tens of thousands

Wedding 2.0
Advertisement: 1.0 + blogs, social networks, community websites, email, twitter
Reach: millions

Some of these vendors are stuck in the dark ages. They have no web presence what so ever. Pictures of their venues suck. Descriptions of their services blow. Now are you serious about your work or is it just for fun. Some of these guys it is just for fun, so I don't hold that against them. But these other guys who hound you and they don't have it all together, why would you want to go with them.

Now don't get me wrong I like going to all these community places like Project Wedding, Yelp, Wedding Bee, etc... and sharing my opinions and experiences with a vendor, restaurant or whatever. So that is why I bash the ones I don't like, and praise the ones I do. You are given this outlet channel, might as well use and don't let these guys get you down. Read everything and take nothing for granted.

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foxxxyboxxxy said...

I agree... I totally judge vendors by what there site looks like. Its a modern age when most people should be able to present their business online with a decent site. If you don't care about this, then I can't trust you to present the details of my wedding in the way I want.