Friday, January 23, 2009

White People, White Dress = White Ripoffs

Not that I have anything against white people, but we just basically distinguish all non-Asian stores as White people stores because generally they are. Granted a small subset may be own by Indian, Persian or some other non-Euro ethnic background, but the majority are either America or Euro owned stores. Soooo why do they feel they can jack people. Now I haven't been dress shopping (forbidden), but I have heard through the grapevine that white shop charges 1800 and asian shop charges 900. WTF? Now that is just an example, but seriously why the other $900 bones? Just cuz you been there longer? Nah, I think just because they can. Now I can't speak for everyone, but in general, customers feel a some what ease when dealing with people of the same race. You know there is that commonality. It is like when you go to college, most people click first with people of the same race or ethnicity and then branch out from there. I think that is the same with wedding shops. If you are a snooty dress shop owner, and a rich buyer comes walking through the door, they feel they can relate to you in this high class store. I mean can you really imagine Fergie or Angelina going out to Wedding Row in like San Gabriel or something to bargain hunt for a dress? I don't think so, but this is ok. The common folk loves to find a deal and 50% off is a pretty darn good deal.

So if I am not going to buy from the high priced stores, what good are they for? Because they have stock. They have selection. Go there, find your dress, then go to an Asian joint and save some cash money. Do a good deed and save some green!


AmyJean said...

Lol! This post made me laugh! It's funny how "we" do just say "white" people... i say it to my FH all the time, and he's like... "be specific".

So where are these asian stores? I need to check them out when i'm back in LA in June :) Thanks for the heads up!

EBM said...

There are some on Las Tunas in Duarte or Temple City between Baldwin and Rosemead. Either Love Boat or 2000 Dreams (or Dream 2000). Check those out. First get your style that you want and then give them a call to see if they have it.