Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Celebration - Hell No!

Why do DJs always have the inclination to start the dancing with "Celebration"? I hate that song. I liked it before when like the Oakland Raiders used it and it was bad ass because you are surrounded by a bunch of bad ass, dressed up, done up freaks and they are singing along like little fruitcakes. But after double digit weddings in the past two years and hearing the song at basically every single freakin' one of them, I can officially say that wedding DJs have ruined that song for me FOREVER! All I think is Grandpa Joe and Grandma Jane alongside Uncle Roger and Auntie May dropping it like its hot like they have just jumped through a time machine to the 70s. I am sorry. I live in the present. I live in the 2 triple 0. 21st century. I want 21st century music or at least music that I listened to when I started listing to Wild 94.9 in middle school. I want my stuff to be hip to the hop with B Rabbit tearing it up on the mic.

When the party gets started at the wedding, we are going to turn this joint into Club Leong. Those old people don't even stand a chance. Might as well leave before the cake comes out if you don't want to break your ear piece. Its going to be like Tijuana on College Night at the Safari Club. No Grandma this isn't your wholesome ho down, this is the loud and rude battle time. Bring your A game suckas!

Then my fiancee hits me in the head and snaps me back into reality. 4 piece jazz quartet it is. Yes dear. Well, it is always good to dream.

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