Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sell me, don't patronize me

After talking to all these vendors, you got to wonder if they actually know how to sell people. I mean they got to be able to sell to a certain extent otherwise they wouldn't still be in business. But once you drop the fact that you are looking at another vendor, which isn't theirs, they go into overdrive. What are they offering? Did they do this and that? Why are you choosing them? Normally I wouldn't mind it because they are just trying to make the sale, but for some reason this last one just irked me a little.

So the vendor that got a little under me was Robert Poff @ Station Identification DJ services. Richard called me to follow up on an email inquiry/response that he had sent me. I proceeded to tell him that I was down last weekend and met with a couple of DJs already and was looking seriously at one. He asked how did I choose which ones to go with. My answer was price. Straight up. On a budget, so started from the bottom and moved up. He was taken aback by that response. He proceeded to tell me that I shouldn't be looking at price. Telling me how he convinced people from a certain range to go with him. Let me tell you, this guy isn't cheap. His prices for Ceremony and Reception are 2K+. Out of range. He was confident though that he could change our minds. Then he goes on:
RP: Did DJ show you videos?
Me: No. He showed me pictures.
RP: I do that, he should do that. You should see how he is in action.
Me (thinking): Videos are just your best performances, you can weed out all worst ones, so it doesn't tell me the complete picture. Bet you were drunk and fell off the stage once also. Do you have that on video?
Me: I looked him up on the internet and he got positive reviews.
RP: How many?
Me: He had a few.
RP: I have 100s of reviews. I do 1-2 events a weekend, about 150 events a year, your DJ should have 100s of reviews. Can your guy mix?
Me: Yeah, he will beat mix and he used to mix at clubs.
RP: Did he show you a video?
Me: No (get over the video fool), but I am sure he can mix and keep people dancing.
RP: You know what I do? I take you into our studio and mix for you.
Me (thinking): Woo hoo! *twirling fingers* white boy mixing
RP: Give me any genre and any song and I will mix them.
Me: OK
RP: Well I am really sure that you guys will like us and you should come in.
Me: Ok.

I am sure that if I told him something else about the DJ, he would have tried to one up them. there was more to this conversation, but I just didn't want to write it up. You and your vendor are suppose to gel with your personalities. I don't respond well to people who are critical of others. Turn off. Hyperspace and talks non-stop. Turn off.

This guy was a turn off. I don't know how he got so many people to go with him. Oh and the kicker is, is that he is a compilation of DJs. He does the selling, someone else does the DJing. Wonderful. Sign me up! NOT!


Mike and Elaina said...

HAHA!!! Elaina and I already met with that guy and we couldn't get out of there soon enough!!! We were at his "studio" (house) for over 2 hours and all he did was talk about how good he is.

One thing that got to me was he never asked us what we wanted. I even threw him a line and was, "we want to do something special in the courtyard of the Clark". He just said, "oh really" and kept on talking. He did a mix for us in his "live studio" (garage) and it was a mix, but nothing special. That's his job, he expected us to sign on the line just for that.

Another thing that got me was that he gave us a contract and left us alone for 5 minutes to discuss if we should go with him. I told him just before he got up that we weren't signing ANYTHING tonight and that's just bad business sense on our part to agree to something on the spot. He said, "think about it anyway" and left us alone. When he came back he was all, "so did you guys sign?" I was thinking, no you moron! Have you listened to anything I've said? We just told him we had to think about it and we'd get back to him.

He talks too much, his website has too much text, and he left us a 5 minute voice mail! I think he just likes to hear his own voice!

On top of that he doesn't use L.E.D. lighting. That's a deal breaker for me. He even talked trash on LED's. Earlier in the evening I told him we wanted to have an all LED powered wedding. Of course he must have missed that because he was talking!

Good luck man, we went with Ross and we couldn't be happier with our choice!

EBM said...

That is so funny. I am so funny we didn't get trapped in his place. He was talking to me on the phone for like 15 minutes and I talked for like 30 seconds. it was amazing how much he talked. I don't know how people like him.

AmyJean said...

Wow, that's awful. My bro's friend is DJ-ing ours... he's been doing it for over 20 years and his price is well below most ($150/hr)... and he's not snooty or arrogant like this dj sounds... Good luck with your quest, and i can give you my dj info if you want to check him out! :)