Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Quick and Dirty

I went to a wedding party on Dec 31st. It was a very interesting day to have it because it is the perfect day to party it up as the new year rolls around. What was nice about it was that it was pretty simple. Done in groom's house, self service on the food, open bar, valet, some party favors and small amount of people. They went from engaged to married in 3 months. A small ceremony the day before and it was it.

I think I envy those people who can get it done in a short amount of time and don't need the 1-4 years to plan something. Simple. Simple is the way to go.

On a side note: the best part of the wedding party festivities was the aerobics instructor that they brought in. Just imagine a Gloria Estefan wannabe from the 80s with the white head band and fuchsia shiney stretchy pants and white oversized t-shirt. You got that. Picture that in your mind. Now picture her doing the samba or cha cha cha routines followed by the Macarena. You got that picture. Now to top it off, imagine the followers to be old chinese ladies in their dress up close breaking mad sweats as they follow her. Freakin hilarious. Love it! You're hired!


AmyJean said...

That sounds like such a great wedding! :) We just got a call that a close friend is engaged, two weeks later, he said "the date is set for March". so its a four month engagement... WOWSERS! I'm impressed! :)


Mike and Elaina said...

I get that way sometimes too and just want to take the wifey to Vegas or something like that.

Then I start thinking about all of the things I want at the wedding and the things she wants and then the planning process starts all over again! DAMN!!!

EBM said...

yeah when people get married quick, it is crazyness. it almost seems like it is too quick sometimes. but some people enjoy the fun of planning, so both ways are good.