Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Gamers Wedding Dream Come True

Always wonder what people do when they don't go traditional? They don't have the normal officiant or father to walk the bride down the aisle. What do they do?

They do what they love! They theme it. So this couple, a couple of Gamers, who met while playing Halo 2 decided to get hitched and make a Halo theme out of it. It is quite neat if you are into it. When my friend first told me about a Halo wedding, I thought it would two nerds playing video games and like standing their with a bunch of their Halo friends in the game and them saying their vows over the microphone. But no! This is way cooler equipped with Master Chief and a tournament. Prepare to get ideas for your wedding!


Randy El. said...

They rocket-jumped into each other's heart

tiffchin said...

we just wanted to thank you guys for all the hard work and research you've shared with the community...and i wanted to let you know that we're using michael c events because of your post about him. he's great - thanks so much for publicizing him! since we've been following your blog, we don't know if you've found your photog yet so if you haven't, we just chose ours yesterday (after interviewing for a whole month), so we can send along some names to you. don't know what your budget for photography is, but we know some in the 2000-3000 range, and the photographer we're using offers a lower package for 1600 too. email me if you'd like info!

tiffany dot chin at gmail
:) thanks again!

EBM said...

Hey tiffany, glad we could help you out. We are still looking at photogs so I will be sending you an email. We need to pick one so I can release my Photog spreadsheet to the masses.