Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to make this blog sellable

I was reading a blog that talks about certain random stuff but one thing stuck out. He detailed alittle about how many post a day he did to make his blog have a following of 50,000 or so. Now I have a following a 6 and probably could increase that even more with a little marketing or more updates than I normally do or with generally useful information. I could probably get sponsers and stuff to pay for my time and make it worth while. But then I would actually have to be thinking about the wedding full time. I think about it maybe an hour a day, sometimes I don't think about it at all. I think that is advantage of starting so early. You are ahead of schedule, or keeping it simple so you don't have to think about all these things.

So now back to the topic at hand. How do I make this sh!t popular. I want to be popular. Never was popular in college. In high school, majority of the class knew me. But I want to be popular on a massive scale. Like Mark Cuban style. I want to max out my facebook and create the largest Plaxo account ever! HAHAHAHA..ok not really. SO the guy goes on and says that in order to make your blog the best and for it to move to the top of the leaderboards on Google, you need to post at least 1 post an hour everyday! Get out of town and call me Shirley. 1 post an hour? I'm lucky if I even have a thought an hour let alone a whole post. And the content has to be good. You have to write well otherwise people won't return. So that is a Nay and a Nay.

Then he pointed out some examples. He referenced the gossip blogs. Yes I read them because they are so freakin entertaining. But they post about 1 an hour over a days time. By the time I open my RSS reader there are like 200+ posts from 10 blogs. That is pretty good. That is probably why they are up at the top and worth bucks.

So I have come to the conclusion that at the conclusion of this wedding and honeymoon, I will shut this guy down forever. Why have a wedding blog when the wedding is no more. I ain't going to post 1 an hour. I won't even do 1 a day. I struggle for 1 a week. This is more of a comical outlet more than any. Just for me to lay the smack down on all those who take advantage of us. May God be with you suckas.

* this post doesn't make any sense. I must be high.


AmyJean said...

I love your blog and look forward to reading your posts! Don't leave the blogosphere... we're just getting started... the wedding planning is only the beginning :)


EBM said...

lol..we will see...

Pamela said...

You're blog is awesome! I found it when I was researching places on weddingbee for L.A reception ideas and they said that you have an excel sheet of place that you researched so I clicked on the link but I have not been able to find said spreadsheet. My point is that by commenting in sites like weddingbee and posting your site link then you will get more followers! :-)