Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Clarity about something

I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to meet your budget. How did I reach this moment of clarity? While washing my hair this morning. Yeah totally random. If you are trying to have a budget wedding, it is almost near impossible to meet your initial budget because there is one thing that the wedding industry knows and you don't: the Prices.

I think most people try to go into the planning process and how to create a budget by thinking they know what the industry knows. You compile information based on findings on the web and spreadsheets from your friends. But all that is useless if the wedding is based in butt f*ck no where and not in sunny high cost of living California or your friends wedding is 10 times your budget.

The only way I can see being happy with the amount of money you are spending is by getting stuff that is within a budget you set for that item. I know that is the dumbest way to go about things since after you add it all up, you probably blew way past your budget.

You guys may go, "Hey there are magazines that give you how much you should budget for each item", but we are Americans. We love to push the envelope. I want to have 150 people and spend only 10K and have it on a Saturday night with Champagne toast and sit down dinner. "YEAH RIGHT!" is what the author of that article would say.

So my only solution to this massive problem is to....MAKE MORE MONEY TO PAY FOR IT!

Only if it was as easy as it sounds. Maybe Obama should give me some of that Detroit bailout money to me instead of to Joe Machiner who sleeps on the job.


AmyJean said...

the bathroom is where i have most of my epiphanies as well :)

Budgets suck, but i am trying to stick to mine **Sigh**

Good luck doll!

Mike and Elaina said...

Oh man, I came to that realization a few months ago! Now I'm just in damage control and trying to figure out much we're gonna be over budget.

Good times!!!