Sunday, July 26, 2009

All the things we could have at our wedding, but can't

You think your wedding can be a party? Well some people think it should be the biggest party in the world. If my wedding was to be one big party, what would I do?

I would dance down the aisle like these guys:

And do my first dance like these folks:

Have a choreographed dance like:

Or like the one in She's All That.

Entertainment with the guests wouldn't stop with the dancing, but continue one with


I would also higher a Taco Lady and a Donut Lady. It would just be off the hook.

Too bad the bounce house got shot down at our venue. You thought I was joking huh?


Liz Coopersmith said...

Bummer about the moon bounce. That would have been awesome. I think you should consider the donuts, though. People LOVE donuts.

Speaking of bad timing, I just found your blog, looking for something else. I hold the Recession Bride's Workshop every month, which shows couples how to save money while they're planning their Los Angeles. Ah, well. But if you have any questions, let me know.

Also, Michael C. rules. Good choice.

EBM said...

Thanks a lot Liz, that probably would have helped a lot. It is too bad I am up North otherwise I would definitely be there. Thanks!