Thursday, July 9, 2009

I should sell my invitation templates

I got to be able to sell my wedding invitation templates. For all those who don't know, we are DIY on our invites. I am wedding invitation layout number 7 and I think it is going to be final. Now granted I didn't think of this stuff by myself. I took liberties with invites I found on the web and in store and put some personal touches on it. I bet with these 7 invites, I can open up shop and have a collection of simple wedding invites. I can already envision my web site name: Our motto will be, "If you find it, we can jack it and make it for cheaper!" I am Chinese, so it is in our blood. I hope this mess ends soon or else people are only coming to our wedding by word of mouth. I actually don't know if we have to send out invites since people are finding our wedding website now and grabbing details from there. Let's hope this madness ends soon.

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