Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh Pretty Fonts, Let me jack you

If you are one of those people who are doing DIY invitations or cards or what not, you always need that pretty Serif or Script font. I was looking all over the place for the free fonts and they never fit the bill. Let's face it, if they are free, how creative do they really want to get when they can sell the good stuff for moola. So I stumbled upon this site, www.myfonts.com. This site has tons of pay fonts and allows you to scale to pretty large sizes. You can type in what you want to print out on the site and it will render it in the site. They also have tags on the fonts so you can find all the Script fonts or invitations fonts, etc...

So you may be asking, what is a cheap a$$ like myself doing on a site where you have to pay for stuff? Jacking it of course. You may gasp, but just treat it like you do music. If there is a way, then why not take it. Soooo, here come my instructions on how to get your font from MyFonts.

Instructions for Photoshop
1) Get your font up with what you want (bigger size, better results)
2) Right click on the font and select 'Copy Image'
3) Go into Photoshop and paste the image onto your canvas. You will notice that it shows up black
4) Use the Magic Wand with a 10 tolerance, uncheck 'Continuous', check 'Anti-Alias', and select the black part then delete it
5) Deselect the area and change to the Paint Bucket
6) Select the color you want the font to be
7) Set the Paint Bucket tolerance to be 20, higher if you chose a smaller font size and there are a lot of thin lines, uncheck 'Continuous', check 'Anti-Alias', then paint the font

Bam, you now have a font in your color and that you like.

I know with the bigger fonts this gets tedious, but the amount of quality fonts that they have, it is super well worth it.

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