Friday, July 10, 2009

The world is getting smaller and smaller

Ok this is a little freaky. The world is getting a little too small for me. So first I met Miss T. because she is friends with my fiancee's friend. Now I got my other friend telling me that her friend (who I actually had classes with) actually went to HS school with Miss T. and found out that I am blogging through her Facebook post.


It is like the circle of life man. I feel like I am Simba and should be singing Hakuna Matata with Elton John.

Now where is that crazy monkey who can tell my future.


miss.t said...

Whaaaaat? Who??

EBM said...

J. Hu, does that strike a bell?

miss.t said...

Ahh funny! We met at church camp during high school and we went to UCSD together! How do you know her?