Thursday, July 30, 2009

Using Vendors for Information

I am shameless. Yes shameless. I have no loyalty to vendors. I am going to get a quote and then pimp that quote out to get one better and then pimp those back to you for a lower one. It is like the circle of saving money. Use one to get a lower one and then use the lower one to get an even lower one. That is how I roll.

Case and point. Alcohol. Everyone knows that the alch can be a big cost. It is quite possible that it could cost more than the dinner if you are doing the typical beef/chicken/veggie. Now I am a big proponent of open bar. I feel that the party doesn't start until the spirits start flowing. You need to loosen people up. People are with other people they don't know, but you want everyone to get to know everyone. You want them to be wild and entertaining. So when we started planning this wedding, open bar was a must. Now setting a budget for liquor is kind of difficult. We gave ourselves one and then started looking for vendors. We stumbled upon Wally's Wine. The best part about this place is that any unopened alcohol can be returned. BAD ASS. Cuz really, what are you going to do with 50 bottles of leftover stuff. When we got the quote from them, I was like W-H-O-A. Hold up here. You are charging me this and this and this much. I had to stop. Breathe. and then start up again.

Now, I did really want to see what they would charge, but more importantly, I wanted to know what they thought I needed for this amount of people. I am not a party planner, I am not a caterer, I am not a bartender. I don't know these things and why not utilize the expertise of professionals. In reality, it only took me about 5 minutes on the phone and a couple of days waiting for the proposal.

So after I got the prices, where was the first place I went. Our favorite warehouse store, Costco. Sellers of everything large and beyond large. You need a 10 yr supply of toilet paper, they sell it. You need enough jerky sticks to build a house, they sell it. You want to buy underwear and engagement ring in one stop, they're full service. You want to buy alcohol for your wedding, boo yah. What is the problem buying the alchy at Costco? They sell it in like 2 gallon bottles. Ok, maybe that is a little of an exageration, but the bottles are generally twice the size. I am sure the bartenders aren't going to enjoy lifting them and twirling them and whatever. Fine, they can't be Tom Cruise in Cocktail, but I will be saving some cash money.

Granted Costco doesn't sell everything, but they sell most of the items. I will finish collecting the rest of the stuff from BevMo, Safeway, and Trader Joe's. All and all, I am going most likely cut the Wally's Wine's quote in half. Yes 50%. FIVE-O suckas.

So if you are looking at providing your own liquor, look no further than Wally's Wine for the information, then go shopping to save some money.

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Westside Wedding said...

I feel the same way about open bar! It's expensive but a must. I've been to Wally's during their annual tent sale & got a bottle of absinthe for 40% off and some items are 80% but I am not sure if it's only an annual sale. Costco is the best for alcohol!