Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dancing Solo

Here is a tip: When dancing begins, the bride and groom HAVE to be on the floor otherwise the party doesn't start, no matter how much spirits the party has consumed.

So at the wedding that I just attended I had to do a little solo performance demonstrating all my horrible dance moves. The result of my two minute performance, 1 additional dancer. I told you it was bad. So bad that I went on with people rooting me on and I high stepped it through the tables to the floor to all of them proceeding to sit down as I fake break dance spun on the floor. But at least one of my friends showed sympathy and got on the floor and started bouncing with me. As our friends laughed and wolves howled, people eventually got up and danced. Good effort and good thing there wasn't a videographer otherwise that POS would be on YouTube right now.

PS I am a shy person, really.

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miss.t said...

We thoroughly enjoyed your dance moves. :) Haha, I didn't link the actual video, just youtube...people can try to find it. :P That video was pretty damn good, by the way.