Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Birds Nest

So subscribe to wedding blogs (yeah I know, I am not a fruitcake, just want hints, tips, savings, etc..) and this one blog StyleMePretty blogged about this veils I dub the "Birds Nest". Now I still think that these veils are pretty unique and pretty lame and I was already to write a nice little entry bashing them and who would want little bird chicks nesting in their hair and squirrels climbing up their dress b/c they thought there were eggs up in there, but then after Sat night, my view has changed. Not all are bad. Granted it takes someone who is chic and stylish to pull it off, but it can be done. For example:



The 2nd one looks like you killed a peacock for the feathers. This isn't some tribal ceremony, this is the U S of A. Welcome to 21st century Pocahantas and meet your groom John Smith. I guess if you were a flapper and int he 50s, then this would be stylish and I wouldn't be writing this piece. I understand the world is trying to be Green, but just because you are cheap and serving that bird for dinner, doesn't mean you have to try to incorporate everything of it into your wedding. Sorry this ain't China and we don't eat dogs.

My friend wore the 2nd one as her veil. It was nice, simple and chic. I give mad props because she donned it and looked good. If you got the style and got the glam, then I say do the first one and keep the bird alive.

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