Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What is a large wedding?

By the standards that I was holding, I thought a 300 person wedding was pretty large. I think it would take quite an effort for me to get 300 people to a wedding meaning you really have to invite 360. Do I even know that many people? Probably not. I think the max our list was was like 260 and that was pushing it some. So when we were having a discussion during lunch about how many people were going to come to my wedding and I threw out 160, some people thought it was large. I thought it was medium since I already been to a wedding with 300 people. Then they started talking about other weddings, like weddings in India. A normal size wedding in India is ....


alksjdkldklhflhdfkldjal!kl1j1klj1!!lk1h1adkldaj! Are you serious? Yup. Cuz you invite like your village and then it is like so and so and family so you get invitations that are Yes and Yes +200 because they are inviting their village and little Timmy or something. They said that for a well to do business man you can get upwards of 5000 people. In that case you invite you village and their immediate family and then all the people that you have met at events over the 20000 years you have been alive and their pets and camels and donkeys and drivers, etc... But then again if you are having a wedding in India, I get the food costs like $1.50 but at least you get Naan.

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