Friday, September 19, 2008

Wedding favors: Do you really care?

As a guest do you really care if you get a wedding favor? They are usually cheap trinkets that nobody wants to keep anyway. Are you really going to put a candle holder on you table that says "Jess Hearts Nick" or drink out of cup that says "Bob & Jane XOXO"? For me you get two kinds of wedding favors: ones that you throw away or ones that the waiter throws away. Either I look at the wedding favor and if I think I may use it, I take it and then probably throw it away. If it is food, generally you don't eat till the end of the night because someone tells you it will spoil your dinner like you're 5 or the waiter starts chucking anything on the table because they want to get the F out of happytown. Seriously, I think I have gone to double digit wedding in the past 2 yrs and I have chucked everything. Even those damn truffles that I wanted to eat, the waiter ended up chucking them. WTF?

Unless you give a badass wedding favor, meaning greater than $2, then it just ain't worth it to do it. Let's allocate the money elsewhere.


Audrey said...

chocolates! i vote for chocolates!

AmyJean said...

I'm not doing wedding favors at mine either. Two of my friends didn't do it at theirs, and I hardly even noticed. It doesn't save a ton but it still saves you by not doing it, and you can spend that on another aspect of the wedding you feel is more important (photographer, food, drinks?)