Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Groomzilla eats Wedzilla for midnight snack

Where are the Groomzillas of the world. There is this blog called Wedzilla which of course is written by chicks. Why are there no dudes. Dudes may want to get all wedding out and divulge in all the wedding porn out there. Is it because we aren't all love-y dove-y and stuff. Not all ga ga over the wedding colors and little pink bows? Does our tone come off as being cynical because we aren't blinded by all the hooplah?

Yeah be scared! We are coming to EAT YOU!


Matt said...

There are actually a few guys that blog on weddzilla (with 2 d's) blog also...

Broke-ass Bride said...

There's a few male bloggers out there, and recently there's an upcropping of grooms posting on their girls sites (polka dot bride, for instance). I love to hear the boys' side of the story :)

And no, you're not too cynical! Is there even such a thing?

xo, Broke-Ass Bride