Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where would you get married if you had no budget?

Now that we have a venue, I can let my mind wander into the realm of "what if?". What if I had unlimited budget? Where would I get married if I had a choice? Well after looking at tons and tons of places, my top 5 would be these:

5. Disneyland
Who doesn't want to get married at happiest place on earth? Seriously wouldn't it be bad ass to get married at the castle or going down splash mountain? Your best man would be in a Mickey costume and your groomsmen would be Goofy, Donald, and Mr. Incredible. You can spend your wedding night in the castle. During dancing you have the best guest entertainment ever: a fireworks show choreographed to music. You can have the chipmunks serving your guests food. The cake can have mickey and minnie mouse toppers. Your guests can eat giant turkey legs and drink frozen lemonade. The possibilities are endless!

4. Guasti Villa
I never saw this place when I did my first initial looks until after we booked our current venue, but this place just looks nice. To be honest there isn't a lot of information on this place. I know it was built in 1923 and it is old. But from looking at pictures from other wedding photographers it looks like a hidden gem. Not only is not outrageously expensive, but the grounds look sprawling and appears that you will have a field day with different poses and setups to take some really really really nice photographs.
3. Villa Del Sol D'oro
Guns n Roses. Nuff said. If Axel and have his November Rain there then I can have my bad ass wedding there. I mean you can really deck this place out. Make your guests feel important by valeting them up and down the entry way with limos from the parking lot. Setup crazy crazy nice lighting outdoors and make it the most romantic place ever. You can't lose with this spot. Hey money ain't an object, so I'll take it for the day and for the night. Maybe even pay off the city to let me have the party go into the wee hours.
2. Mansion in Pacific Palisades
I blogged about this place before and all I have to say about this is that it is freakin awesome. I mean I might just have to buy this place and live in it. Can you imagine your guests walking through the entry way following signs to the back patio where the reception will be held and walking through the two columns and seeing the ocean. If I were a guest, I say "Wow! Bad ass! This is the best wedding ever!"
1. Walt Disney Concert Hall
So this is my number 1 spot. Not because of the location. Not because of the romantic appeal. Not because of any special meaning. Just because it is my favorite piece of architecture in Los Angeles period. Shoot I might have to say my favorite peace of architecture in California. The building is a work of art. It is art that we can go inside. Not only can you have a wedding in the courtyards and have the magnificent building as your backdrop, but you can also have a reception inside in their gigantic halls and rooms with super vaulted ceilings that just make it one of the best works of art there is.
Honorable Mentions: Getty Museum, Greystone Mansion, Oviatt Building

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AmyJean said...

I saw a wedding at Disney world on one of those wedding shows, and seriously it was so fairy tale like... And the other top 4 are awesome too. I had no idea that GNR did Villa Del Sol D'oro... and how can you pass up the Palisades? Have you seen Pelican Hill Golf & Resort? that's also amazing from what I can tell... with an awesome view *sigh* if i can only win the lotto!!!