Monday, October 20, 2008

Caterer Selected

So I flew into LA on Friday to meet with a caterer for a tasting. We were having the tasting at his business partner's house. If you have ever seen homes in San Mateo, CA, then you will understand this neighborhood. Not so nice outside, but all done up inside. It is like hidden gems. So we went through the whole tasting and the my biggest fear was that his food would suck. We have had the menu for a while and even though he changed it alittle, it was still A+. I know that he is just cooking for 2 people and the food is probably alittle more moist than it would be at a 160 person wedding, but I think it will be pretty damn good when W day comes.

So strike that off the list and I will blog about him later so other people can get into the mix. All I got to say is good food and great price.


Audrey said...

i give you thanks in advance you for being so diligent in your cater selection process. ;)

Sophia I said...

lol it is all so that we have happy, smiling guests. wait til you see what's for dessert! or should i say dessertSSS!