Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do not use ...

Custom Caters and Catered Affairs

These two vendors gave us pretty reasonable bids on catering our wedding. Custom Caterers was actually lower than Catered Affairs although they used Catered Affairs' chef to cook all the food. So the deal is that Catered Affairs is a husband & wife team who main point of sale is Alycia Yescas. If you Google her, she comes up as a thief in one listing, pretty funny and that should have also given us a clue. Custom Caterers is some kind of splinter cell run by Nicole. So not only do they charge for tastings, I think $15 per person, the food sucks.

You meet them at Alycia's restaurant (don't know how that thing stays open) and she starts pitching you the concept and the idea, etc... Then the food starts rolling out, this is where the gets bad, more specifically, the food gets bad. My fiancee said that she had force the food down her throat and the bullshit into her ears. She should have asked for a refund. Actually she said that Alycia should have paid her for enduring the torture of the food. Can you imagine, you are eating this nasty nasty food and all the while Alycia is trying to sell it to you. Maybe Alycia should taste her food before she serves it. If it was a bad day, then it was a nuclear disaster. Hiroshima all over again. Stay away!

Sorry Nicole, your shop goes down with the big boat by virtue of association.


Michael said...

Well we talked to one caterer and she practically laughed us off the phone. She said for what we wanted to spend (which I bet is close to you guys) that she could do "gourmet sandwhiches". WTF?! Yeah right, we're not having a sandwich buffet at our wedding. My fieance told me "maybe they are really nice". I told her she was crazy, so the saga continues for our caterer. I feel ya bro!

CreekHiker said...

I'm the one that called her a liar and a thief. She stole tools from me in a class I taught and never paid me in spite of promising to do so.

I've eaten at the restaurant... it sucks! Good thing you got out while you could!

Alycia said...

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with Custom Caterers. You have inaccurate information though. I worked for Richard of Custom Caterers up until May of 2007. I was only an employee not an owner but was listed as a contact on several on-line venues so my name still appears on a few when you google Custom Caterers. I'm working on getting this all cleared up. I launched my own catering company, Catered Affairs, Inc., in May of 2008 but I am sole owner and I do not have anyone by the name of Nicole working for me so I don't know who you are referring to. Also, my chefs do not cook for Custom Caterers and I do not own a restaurant. I don't know which horrible restaurant you and Holly dined at or are referring to but it's not mine. As for Holly calling me a theif and a liar, I can tell you that I have a copy of my cashed check that matches the exact amount she hand-wrote on a ticket to me. I sent copies to the administration dept of LA Mission College and spoke to them over the phone about her comments. They told me they've had several complaints from students that have taken her class and told me to try to ignore her as she is a very difficult person to deal with. Very unfortunate.

CreekHiker said...


You had TWO receipts, one for you and one for a friend. They were for different amounts and totaled incorrectly at the end of busy class, which you arrived late for and disrupted. You with your USC education never questioned why your receipt was one amount and your friend's was another because you KNEW in the kaos you could rip me off!!! You, Alycia Yescas, ARE a liar and a thief and you seem to be proud of it.

I work in the film industry and make sure I tell EVERY production person I know not to deal with you!