Thursday, October 16, 2008

Do you actually do this mess everyday?

Wedding planning is suppose to be a long endeavor or at least that is what people think it should be. Should it? Not really. If the Groom was planning it, it most likely be done in like a week. Granted it might happen at your local town bar with people tossing bar nuts at you, but hey it will be done. My cousin planned her wedding in 3 months. Why do you need 1 yr+ when it has been shown to be done in 3 months. It wasn't not half ass wedding either. Had a custom dress, outdoor venue overlooking the Golden Gate bridge, huge Chinese banquet, cake and the whole nine yards. It was still probably one of the most picturesque weddings I have been to. So it can be done.

This brings us back to our original question: Do you actually plan everyday? Look at wedding stuff everyday? I must answer No and Yes. No I don't plan everyday. I think after we found our venue I basically shut it down for 2 weeks. This stuff is exhausting yo! Talking to people, emailing people, acting like they have a chance in hell when they don't. All that BS takes hard work and having to keep it on the down low at work. But alas I will admit I look at wedding stuff EVERY-FREAKIN-DAY! Now granted this gift given by the WWW and something called RSS Reader. So just by reading my RSS reader I also run into wedding blogs and wedding photographers that I follow. So I have fallen into the trap that I never would have thought. Going from a city hall wedding with no rings to someone who looks at the multi-billion dollar industry daily. They have sucked me in head first and it is like getting your eye stuck in a vacuum, it's never going to let go.

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