Thursday, October 9, 2008

Search for the photographer is still...

going on. I think my downfall is too much research. Just when I think I am done, I think, hmm...I wonder if there is more. So I search out for more. Find some through photographers' blogs and other site. I just went on the Wedding Bee boards and was referred to wedding wire. Crap, another source. So going through 160 photographers so far, I got about 10 that I would consider. Now off to the races again.

One thing that is good is that I will have a monster list of photographers that I consider better than just average and borderline pretty good where most of them are under 3K for the fixings minus albums.

The list will be another resource for budget brides in Los Angeles.

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Sophia I said...

Fiance reporting in again: 82+ photogs for me to review ... and counting! He's a maniac with this research I tell ya. Someone take google docs and excel away from this man!