Thursday, October 30, 2008

Groom and Bride Speech at Reception

Do you think the Groom and Bride should give a speech at their wedding reception?


This is my take on it. All these guests came from near and far to be a part of your wedding. They have given their time and their money to be part of a day that you deem one of the happiest of your life. They came to share in the moments that you two have created. The least you can do is say thank you. I have been to a couple of weddings where they have no done speeches. Generally full on Chinese banquet style weddings, they don't really say thank you in the form of a speech but that is because they are standing at the door the whole night saying goodbye and thanking you personally.

Why wouldn't you stand up and say thank you? Even if it is like a 1 minute speech saying, "We just want to thank everyone for coming." That is all that is required. What, that is like 10 seconds of hard work? Is that too much to ask. Is that you can give. You ain't going to say goodbye to everyone so might as well do a one shot deal.

So for all you people getting married, say thank you. Please. Because if you don't, people will just remember that you got married and you were ungrateful.


AmyJean said...

I agree. I actually like to hear the bride and/or groom say a few words. It's their first moment greeting a crowd as husband and wife, so why not say a few words :)

Michael said...

I think when the time comes I'll be the one giving the "thank you" speech. Of course she'll be at my side and I'll be speak on behalf of the both of us. Then later during the reception while people are finishing up their food we were planning on going to each table and saying hello and thanking them.

I have a bigger question for you though, does your culture beleive in "the dollar dance"? I'm hispanic and my family REALLY wants one and so does her side (Filipino), we're both up in the air about it though. Any takes?

Sophia I said...

ouch, this was a brutal post. i think its significant when the bride and groom personally come up to you and say thank you for coming and give you a big hug. if that isnt gratitude, i donno what is. but at the same time ... yes, a thank you to the masses is also appreciated.

to the above blogger, michael - EBM here would strip down for dollars at his wedding. no joke. he'd tell you it is beyond culture, that it was his moral obligation to do so to ensure that we retire early.

EBM said...

Sophia got me right, but besides that unpleasant image, I would have to say that you must compromise. A wedding is all about compromises between your future spouse and all the parents involved.

I generally have a rule is that even though it is your day, if someone else is financing it, they should have some say whether it be a dollar dance or inviting some guests. What I suggest before shooting it down is that thinking about how you can switch it up a little. Maybe modernize it or make it a little funny with some twists. You can work it out to make it work for both of you.

Michael said...

Thanks for the great input guys! The wifey and I are funding the event 100% ourselves so that's why we are at a crossroads. You know the way parents can apply the guilt and pressure. He had the same idea as you EBM, we want to spice it up a little and make it more fun for the people watching as well as the people participating!

Thanks again!!!