Monday, June 15, 2009

Big Ups

So I realize that my last post was all about the food food food at the Bridal shower that I was exiled from, but popped in to eat everything. I must extend my big ups to the rest of the bridal party that helped make my fiancee soooo happy. Big ups to the early riser who hit the flower mart at the butt crack of dawn to get some greenery. Big ups to the jeopardy maker for coming up with excellent questions (no big ups for calling the dog Chanel). Big ups to the maker of the take home snack packs of white chedder crackers and gummi bears. Big ups to the impossible word search creator who must have had way too much free time to make it that hard. Big ups to the hosts, thanks for letting them crash your house and take all the delish food home.

Just a big ups to all.

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